Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka Video Slot

Willy Wonka Video slot is a candy crush affair. Based on the original 1971 musical fantasy film, Charlie and the chocolate factory. The film revolves around a mild mannered boy named Charlie Bucket and his family that all live under one roof.  Willy Wonka is a candy genius that offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for residents of the unnamed town to come inside his chocolate factory and have a look around. This selection process is entirely dependent on finding a limited edition golden ticket tucked away inside of a Wonka bar. Charlie finds the last golden ticket and grandpa Joe joins him on the guided tour.

Willy Wonka video slot Developed by Williams is a five-Reel, forty-Payline video slot themed around the fantasy film, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

Reel Symbols

Sweetening the reels players can expect some mouth-watering icons to be dangled in front of them.  These include but are not limited to characters from the original film with Willy Wonka, Charlie, Granddad, Oompa Loompa’s and Veruca Salt all making an appearance.  Various candies and standard playing card symbols such as Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are also featured and are the lower value symbols within the slot title.  Players should keep a keen eye out for two very special symbols these include the glass elevator icon, which will trigger the bonus feature and the golden ticket at mobile real money slots.

Bonus Features

Willy Wonka has unique bonus features and some incredible winning combinations can be made during the bonus feature of the slot title. Players will need to land on three or more glass elevator symbols in order to trigger the bonus round of the slot. Once this has been achieved the glass elevator will take a ride up and players will then be granted a treat. These treats include but are not limited to a boat ride on the chocolate river running through the factory. A singing and dancing display by the Oompa Loompa’s, Picking gobstoppers and playing free spins to name a few.

Triggering Spins

In order to trigger the free spins players will have to take the elevator journey up and land on the Willy Wonka spins icon.  The number of spins is determined by the treat players are able to choose from.

Gobstopper Treat

During the gobstopper treat feature players will be prompted to pick from a variety of gobstoppers on screen. The gobstopper picked will either offer a treat or it will explode, however Willy Wonka is a generous slot and if the gobstopper does happen to explode, players will get the opportunity to pick again until a treat is uncovered.

The Golden Ticket

The ever-elusive golden ticket feature is a generous and rewarding feature of the slot title much as it is in the films plot. Players will need to earn 1500 credits during the free spins feature in order to trigger the golden ticket game. Players will be prompted to choose from a selection of Wonka bars on screen, if players manage to uncover the golden ticket a generous prize is rewarded.