The Italian Job

The Italian Job Online Slots by Amaya Gaming

The Italian Job, an online slots machine game by Amaya Gaming, shares its name with a film that was recently remade to global acclaim. It features five reels and nine paylines, and although this video slot is based on a film by this name, it is probably not the one immediately brought to players’ minds.

The Original Italian Job Movie

The Italian Job online slots game is based, in association with Paramount Pictures, on the original version of the film, released in the year 1969 and provided with a British, rather than American, setting. It is popularly held to be one of the greatest heist films of all time, and follows a band of thieves as they plot and plan to steal gold worth $4 million dollars. The heist is set to unfold by on a Turin street, and involves creating a momentary traffic jam in order to give them the time they need, after which a dastardly escape is planned by means of Mini Coopers. Michael Caine takes the part of Charlie Croker, the mastermind, a role revamped by Mark Wahlberg in the remake, and his intentions are to relieve the Mafia of their ill-gotten gains right from beneath their very noses.

The Italian Job with a UK Twist

The Italian Job slots game, based on the British original version of the film, takes everything popularly associated with the United Kingdom into account. The game’s graphics portray various items of film symbolism as well, as in the case of icons like the computerised traffic control and detonator, alongside the red; white and blue Mini Cooper escape vehicles. Poker card symbols are reimagined with a Mafia slant and refer to their role in this slots story.

Symbols for The Italian Job

The logo for The Italian Job is the wild symbol for the game, and it is able to replace the detonator and computerised traffic control in order to form paying combinations if required. Furthermore, five of these icons landing along an active payline will award the lucky player a 25 000 coin jackpot when this spin-result occurs and the maximum betting amount has been activated.

Bonus Feature for The Italian Job

The Italian Job’s bonus feature is activated when players are able to match a minimum of three of the Mini Cooper bonus symbols. Three matching icons will award a multiplier of one; four will grant a multiplier of two; and five symbols will allow players to increase their winnings by three times.

Players will be asked to click on the heaps of gold and move them from the Mini Cooper vehicles to the van. As this process unfolds multipliers of one; two or five will be revealed, and the feature will draw to a close when a finish icon is revealed –but doing so on the first click will award players all possible multipliers. In order to maximise possible wins during this bonus feature the player is advised to bet as many credits as his or her bankroll allows, since the wager amount is linked to the bonus win total. A maximum wager being in place when this feature is triggered could well multiply winnings by as much as 90 times.