Four Kings Casino and Slots

Four Kings Casino and Slots is a social game that players are able to enjoy online, in which they will be exploring a casino replete with other players playing different kinds of casino games.

Creating a Four Kings Casino Character

Players will have a number of choices to make when it comes to customising their avatar for Four Kings Casino and Slots. The body options are quite simple, encompassing options like gender; race; and height, but the selection of facial characteristics is far more detailed. There is a good array of basic clothing and accessories available when players first begin the game, but more varieties of these are unlocked as play progresses.

Further, each of the casino games holds achievements that, when unlocked, will allow the player to gain access to an exclusive item of clothing that can be used on his or her avatar. Reward points are further provided by playing the games available at Four Kings Casino and Slots, and these can then be used in order to unlock particular items of cosmetics. Players are also able to make use of their own money in order to purchase specific items.

Four Kings Casino and Slots Currency

Reward points and chips are both able to be used as currency around the Four Kings Casino and Slots floor, and players are automatically handled 10 000 chips when the game begins. Whilst money can be made by betting and winning on the games available at Four Kings Casino and Slots, there are a number of ways in which extra income can be earned as well.

Players will earn money for simply logging in on a daily basis, and there are further tasks that they are asked to accomplish on a daily and/or weekly basis that will be offered along with chip rewards. There are free spins available on special slots machines, and after every 15 minutes players will be rewarded with a small amount of money at the game’s kiosk.

Reward points are earned by players enjoying the games on offer and having successful outcomes for them, although some, like poker and bingo, will earn chips even if the play is ultimately unsuccessful because of the time investment players are required to make to see them through to the end. Each Four Kings Casino and Slots game has ranks that increase as players earn rewards, and chips are automatically awarded at certain of these. The main use for these reward points is that they can be used to buy a variety of cosmetics that are not obtainable any other way.

Players who manage to earn a set amount of reward points on a monthly basis will be granted VIP status, and this allows them to enter by means of a special lounge that offers exclusive games along with higher wagers; an additional amount of complimentary chips; and other small bonuses.

Four Kings Casino and Slots Games

All the games that players would expect to find in a real casino are available, including poker; blackjack; craps; roulette; video poker; keno; slots machines; bingo and baccarat.