The A-League

The A-League is a professional men’s soccer league played in Australia. The league has a number of local teams, and plays games throughout the season. The A-League is the successor to the original National Soccer League, which ended in 2005. Today the A-League consists of ten teams, nine from Australia’s and one from New Zealand. The season has 27 rounds, ending in a finals match that is watched by a large number of the population

A-League clubs who are successful in the home tournaments gain qualification into the continental competition, the Asian Football Confederation Champions League also known as AFC Champions League. This is a similar league to the United States and Canada’s Major League Soccer, as well as other professional sports leagues in both Australia and in the United States of America.

Wagering on The A–League

Around the world the A–League is not as popular as other leagues such as the European League or the AFC. It is, however, very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The League can be bet on online, with a  number of sites, including those accepting horse racing bets, offering a variety of services aside from just wagering. These sites can be found using a search engine, but be sure to pick a site that is safe, and preferably well known. The well-known sites often offer better customer service. Any site that you choose should have a number of reviews and recommendations which can be read by prospective members.

Online sites will offer a number of different wagers which one can place on the A–league games, and even players. Some of these wagers are quite complicated, and some are very simple at soccer betting sites. The complicated ones should only be undertaken by someone with a good knowledge of the game, as well as how the online betting world works. Getting to know handicaps is a good way to begin to understand online betting.


A handicap is a point penalty that is placed on a team by a bookie. This has no real effect on how the team plays, but it does have an effect on how wagers pay out. Handicaps are put in place to encourage betting on the less popular team, as well as the bigger one. This makes wagering more fair, and helps with payouts. A handicap is a point system, which essentially starts the favourite team on minus points before the game begins. They will have to make up the points during the match in order to win on the bookies books.

For example, team A is the favourite, so they have higher odds of winning. They begin the game with a minus 2. This means that they have to beat team B by at least two points. Should the score be one nil, punters who bet on them will not be paid out.

Finals Series

The finals series is played at the end of the A-League season. Teams which have survived the various knockout rounds now compete in a series of semi finals and finals. The top team of the tournament is crowned premier and the winner of the grand finale is champion. This differs from the other major football codes in Australia, where the premier is the winner of the tournament final and the overall best team is the minor premier.